Back to work, At last!

I know it’s been a while since I posted. We are playing two shows this weekend and that usually means I have a whole lot of time sitting around the hotel with not much to do. I though I might take this time to do a little updating. If you’ve checked the band’s website lately, you see that we are going to touring with Styx and Foreigner. Hopefully we will be coming to a city near you and I hope I will be seeing some of you at these shows.

Musically, I have just been working on lyrics for the the New Seventh Key CD. Also, last Tuesday night I played a gig with Braxton at his weekly gig at Fionne MacCool’s Irish Pub in Jacksonville Beach. I live in Savannah, Ga now and I have finally tapped in to the local music scene and will be playing some gigs with Braxton around the Savannah area. All the gigs are listed on If any of you live in the area and happen to read this post, please come on out and join us.

I am planning a trip out to Mikes before we start our 7 week run with Styx and Foreigner to start singing some of the final vocals for the new CD. That’s all for now. Time to get ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

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  1. Theo Says:

    Great news. Is there a release date for the new Seventh Key?

  2. Susanne Cantrell-Escobar Says:

    Billy, I caught your show last weekend in Wendover NV (04/03/10). I was truely impressed with your love for your fans, especially when reached down after the concert shaking hands and signing autographs while still on the stage!!!!! I have been a devoted fan of “Kansas” from the beginning and will continue. Can’t wait until you make it back to the Wendover/Salt Lake area again. (o:

  3. Debbie R Says:

    A new Seventh Key album would surely make my day. I have been waiting patiently since the release of thE last one , can’t wait to hear Billy and Mike doing what they do best…
    PS.any chance we will see you together live?

  4. David Gaines Says:

    Hi Billy, long time no see :-) I just found out about your new blog and decided to check it out. Thanks for doing this - I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on.

    I got married in ‘08, still live in the Washington DC area, and am enjoying the heck out of the Blu-ray version of “Know Place Like Home.” Showed it to a couple of friends the other day and they went crazy over it. I also really, really like what you guys did with the Native Window project. Well done.

    The aforementioned friends and my wife and I will be at the June 12th stop on your arena tour, down in Bristow VA at The Venue Formerly Known As Nissan Pavilion. I remember your last stop there very well, opening for Yes in 2000 and my first encounter with Robby Steinhardt. :-)

    Take care - looking forward to the next 7th Key release this year -

    Dave Gaines

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