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Monday, October 18th, 2010

Hello everyone,
Well, a lot has happened since last I posted. At one point in time, I found that because of a mistake, on the part of the internet site provider, We lost the web name: Thanks to Missy for her hard work to get the site back up and operating. Kansas has completed their “Colliagate Symphony tour”. It was very rewarding and I feel like we helped the music departments of several universites during the tour.
I also played a reunion of “ODD AND ENDS”. This was the very first band that I ever played in with my brother, Johnny. He was the drummer, I played bass and fronted the band. We played our reunion gig at the My brother’s blue grass venue, “Bluegrass at Bellamys.” It was a complete success! We had to turn away about 100 people because there simply wasn’t enough room for any more people. The venue holds about 225 people, located in our home town of Surgoinsville, Tennessee. BTW, my brother is now the mayor of the town! He is now an accomplished mandolin player. He has a fantastic bluegrass band called “Highway 11″. We included all the players that had ever played with the band, playing only the songs that we played during our time as the “ODDS AND END.” A great time was had by all! we didn’t charge admission, however, we did pass around a 1955 Chevy hubcap and ask for donation to a charity call “Samaritian’s Purse.” we raised $1500 for the charity.
The biggest highlight for me was, that my granddaughter, JORDAN, got up on stage with me and we sang a duet together! I couldn’t have been prouder! She had so much poise and sang wonderfully! I think a new star has been born!
The “ODDS AND ENDS” gig was on friday night. Saturday night, it was on to “ELLAS” in Greeneville, Tn to play a gig with my stepson, Braxton Adamson. My brother also sat in, playing mandolin on a couple of Beatles songs. Again, great time! Ellas is very cool place! Great food and live music 4 nights a week.
On Saturday morning it was on to lake Wylie, Sc to play a benefit for the ‘Juvenile Cancer society” to play a benefit with an old Friend of mine, “Justin Mychals.’ About 5 years ago Justin started having a benefit to help families who have a child fighting cancer. Every year he goes to the cancer society and adopts a family with special needs that need to met. The family that was the beneficiary of this years concert have two little boys, each having the same type of a rare form of leukemia. We were able to raise a substantial amount of money to give to the family and take some financial pressure off, for at least a little while! I wish them the best and pray for the complete recovery of their children.
I saw my friend this weekend when Kansas played in North Carolina. He told me that after all was said and done, we raised $48,000 for the benefit! Wow! A lot of people donated their time and for this great cause and we had pretty large time! Proud to be a small part of the whole deal.
Playing the “RIB FEST” in St Petersburg on the 13th of November with Braxton, along with old friend and band mate, Terry Brock with Eric Holmquist on drums. Come down and join the fun!
On the “SEVENTH KEY” front. I just spent four days in Los Angeles at Mike Slamer’s house. We wrote a couple of new songs and all in all it was a pretty successful trip. I am very pleased with the progress of the new CD and have a renewed sense of urgency and enthusiam to get this project finished!
Ok, all for now!