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Later that same year!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Once again, it’s been a while since I posted. Fact is I had surgery on my sinuses recently and have recovering over the past 10 days. As I may told you in an earlier post, My wife, Kathy, and I have been living in Savannah, Georgia for since last July. All the flowers and trees have been in bloom and As I write this post, you can literally see the pollen in the air and on your car and on everything. I’ve never seen pollen like this. I have felt like I am about to sneeze since I had my surgery. I couldn’t have picked a worse time to have it done! But wanted to get it out of the way before we start the seven week run with Styx and Foreigner.
There is really a vibrant music scene here in Savannah. I got my feet wet last night and played a gig here last evening at a place called “City Market”. It’s an outdoor square here in Savannah that is surrounded by restaurants and bars. It’s a cool place to sit around, have a bite and listen to live music. Got some more gigs coming up May 7,8 and 9 here in Savannah.
I play this weekend with Kansas in Live Oak, Fl. at the “Swannee River Music Festival. That’s the last gig we play before the big tour starts in the middle of May. Once we get out on the road, I’ll try and post more often to keep everyone updated with the tours’ progress. This will be the first time in a long time that we will be traveling from city to city on a tour bus.
Because of my surgery and recover time, I missed the chance to get out to Los Angeles to work on the new Seventh Key CD and also missed Mike’s daughter, Nicoles’wedding. She just got married over the weekend, so, he has had his hands full with all the wedding arrangements and guests.
I’ll close for now so, to all I wish health, happiness and remember to take time smell the flowers, I know I have! BTW, thanks for the comments. That tells me that at least you guys are taking the time to check out the posts.